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Online Provincial Curriculum Survey
These are exciting times in Alberta as we move forward in developing new Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) provincial curriculum. Alberta Education is developing curriculum simultaneously in English and French in the six subject areas of Language Arts (English, Français and French), Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Arts, and Wellness education.
Skating Schedule
Click here to see the complete ice skating schedule.
Please watch for pedestrians at the crosswalks. Municipal Enforcement will be watching for vehicles that do not yield to pedestrians.
This is a reminder to be please be mindful when parking in the alleys and streets adjacent to the school that you are not blocking driveways or garages. One of our good neighbours did call last week to say that she was unable to back her vehicle out of her garage in to the alley because there were vehicles parked too closely on either side of her garage door.
Why Do Parents and Their Children Choose French Immersion?
Why Do Parents and Their Children Choose French Immersion? Please click on the following link for an answer!
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