Classroom Info

Classroom Rule:
  1. Respect others, yourself, and your school.
Schedule Info:
  • We will be exchanging our library books every Wednesday
  • Mrs. McCaffrey teaches music Monday and Thursday
  • Mr. McLean teaches Gym on Thursday
  • Mrs. Smith teaches Inquiry on Wednesday
  • We have reading buddies with 4AF on Thursdays


If you want to volunteer in my classroom, remember you will need to get a criminal record check.  Once you have submitted it to the office, please email me at and we can set up a day/time that works.  Things you may be doing include: reading with students, working with small groups of students, hanging up bulletin board displays, going on field trips, and so on.

Please make sure you read your child's agenda everyday.  There is often important information inside like homework assignments, forms from the office, and things that are happening in the classroom.
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