Welcome to Mrs. Lind's Class!

Welcome to Kindergarten and the beginning of an incredible journey!!! I am excited to be working together with your children this year.  I encourage each child in our classroom community to contribute to an atmosphere of kindness and respect. Children learn best when they feel valued and cared for.  Our classroom is a place where children will be challenged to explore and discover new ideas, and develop a sense of independence.

A note about myself.  I have taught 20+ years at various grade levels; however, teaching young children has always been my passion.  I am married and we have two daughters who are both in university.  I love the outdoors, especially gardening, camping, and hiking.  I also enjoy cooking and travelling.

To help your child prepare for their Kindergarten year:

  • Read, Read, Read to them
  • Play alphabet recognition games - make letters with play dough
  • Count out loud, play dice and number games
  • Point out shapes and their names (Circle, square, star, etc.)
  • Colours - point to them and say their names
  • Recognize their own name and print it.
  • Provide lots of playtime with other children – teach respect.
  • Teach them to dress themselves - coats, shoes, etc.
  • Teach washroom independence/washing their hands.
  • Fine motor skills - play dough, scissors, crafts, coloring, Lego games
  • Gross motor skills – running, jumping, playing at the park, swimming
  • Helpful Kindergarten Websites

We do not expect your child to master all of these things.  However, we find that when children come to school with some background skills and knowledge they are instantly more comfortable & confident in the classroom; immediately experience success; and receive positive support from their peer group, their teachers and their family.   Thus they find learning is relatively easy and fun and they like going to school.  When a child enjoys school they are much more open to teaching & learning and thus have a much better chance to be successful throughout their years in grade school and beyond.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.  The school phone number is 403-948-4511.

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