Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC)

Service Project for 3M Class

September 2018

Located just 25 minutes West of Airdrie in Madden, the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured Alberta Wildlife. Their work has an important link to our Science, Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum. In Science we study the Life Cycles of animals. In past years we have taken a field trip to AIWC in the spring to see the many babies that the Center cares for at that time of year. Due to the stress of the injured animals that school tours can cause, AIWC has decided to suspend school tours until changes can be made to make it safe for the animals. Instead, we utilize AIWC videos of current patients from AIWC's Instagram posts. They provide wonderful writing opportunities for the students in Language Arts. Watching the animals on AIWC's You Tube channel provides excellent topics for the students to write about. I am hoping once again to invite AIWC to our classroom to give a presentation about the work that they do.

As part of our global citizenship unit in Social Studies, we have decided to make our community a better place by helping this animal hospital conserve Alberta wildlife. Ways that we can help include:

  • Adopting an animal at risk (our class does each year as well)
  • Fundraising by collecting bottles-Students and parents can help our cause by bringing in bottles whenever they like. I have a bin in the classroom that the bottles can be deposited in. I take the bottles to the depot and forward the money earned to the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation. If you prefer, you can take your bottles to the depot and send the money in with your 3M student. Thank you for encouraging your youngsters to become responsible wildlife neighbors.
  • Christmas Fundraiser-3M will be conducting a fundraiser for AIWC this year. We are so pleased that the products we are offering this year are Made in Canada and reflect our wildlife theme. Watch for the brochure to come home in October. A perfect time for ordering those early Christmas gifts!
  • Donating items of need-Students can bring in items from the AIWC wish list if they like. I can deliver them to the center. Please check AIWC's website for an updated list of the items in need.
  • Thank you to all the parents who so graciously allow and encourage their children to participate in our service project.
  • For more information on AIWC please visit their website at
  • For videos on current and past patients at the animal care center (also video of our adopted Ferruginous Hawk) please visit: or

Previous 3M AIWC memories below:

Dianne Wittner and Gulliver

Thursday, October 10, 2013, was a very special day for the 3M students! Dianne Wittner (founder of AIWC) and Gulliver (AIWC's educational ambassador) arrived at 11:00 a.m. for a visit. Dianne discussed AIWC's mission (rescue, rehabilitate and release Alberta Wildlife) with the class. She expertly covered many of the terms we are covering in our Life Cycles unit in Science. Mammals, Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore, Cold blooded, and Warm blooded were just a few of the vocabulary words that came up during her hour-long visit. Dianne also brought a radiograph of an injured AIWC patient. Our task was to identify which bone was broken in the Hawk's wing. We emailed her our response and are awaiting confirmation on our guess. Students were delighted to see Gulliver, a six-month-old skunk, trundle around the classroom floor. He was busy sniffing his surrounding area and some students were asked to drop some food on the floor for him. Gulliver excellently behaved and the students were surprised that he was so gentle. Dianne also brought a Tiger Salamander for the students to see. Exposure to a mammal and an amphibian AIWC patient was exciting indeed! I was very impressed with the 3M students' ability to answer some of the tough questions that Dianne asked them. We presented Dianne and Gulliver with our first monetary donation of the year (bottle collections at lunch) of $177.35. Students also donated shredded paper, cardboard rolls for mouse houses and bird seed.  The visit kicked off our annual AIWC Christmas Fundraiser. 3M students received their fundraising packages the same day. I hope our fundraiser will be a great success so that we can help the injured and orphaned wildlife that we enjoy seeing in our area so much!




The 3M class has adopted a large mammal from AIWC. The adorable red fox pictured above has been adopted by the class. Its food and care have been paid for by Mrs. McMurray in the name of the 3M class. The first picture is before surgery. The bottom picture shows fox in a full stretch post surgery. More details about her story will be posted as soon as the class receives their adoption certificate. We continue to collect bottles to support the care of AIWC patients. The current total donated is $229.50. Many thanks to all the Gr. 3 students for their bottles at lunchtime.

November 21, 2013

The Christmas Fundraiser products are scheduled to arrive next week. The exact day has not been determined yet but I am hoping for Thursday, Nov. 28. I will update you with the day as soon as I know. Please be available to pick up your orders on the delivery day. Thanks so much for your support of Alberta Wildlife! I will update the total dollars being donated to AIWC once the order has been delivered.

December 15, 2013

Once again, a big thank you to all students, parents and staff for the incredible support of our 3M AIWC Christmas Fundraiser. Deliveries have been made and a total of $924.00 was donated to AIWC for the rescue, rehabilitation and release of Alberta Wildlife. In all, the 3M class and bottles from the four Grade 3 classes have raised a total of $1510.70 for the wildlife center. Such wonderful news going into the Christmas break.

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