Life Cycles

September 2017

Problem Solvers in 3M will love Science class. 3M scientists will learn about these thought provoking topics: Life cycles and needs of animals; Rocks and minerals found on the earth's surface; Sound; Testing and evaluating building materials and applying problem solving strategies to build a structure.


Unit 1 in 3M Science will be Life Cycles. In this unit students will learn about the life cycles of various animals but most specifically the Painted Lady Butterfly. Students will study the four stages of a butterfly's life: egg, larva, pupa and adult. They will learn about incomplete and complete metamorphosis and will be able to watch the whole process in real life when we receive our larva in April. Students will also study other animal life cycles and gain an understanding of how animals adapt to their environments. The adoption of an animal in need at AIWC will also be part of our unit studies. A possible field trip to the Calgary Zoo, later in the year, will help to solidify the knowledge gained in this unit of study.

Unit 2/3 will begin in early December with a field trip to the Calgary Tower. This trip will launch our Building and Testing Unit. This unit will be full of hands on building challenges and inquiry learning. For a peek at how the unit went previously just watch this video:

Unit 4 will be Rocks and Minerals. It will begin in March and cover igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock identification. Students will have plenty of opportunities to study samples of rocks and a field trip to the Glenbow Museum helps solidify their knowledge. In previous years we have invited a geologist from the Alberta Science Network to our classroom to give a presentation on the uses of rocks and minerals in our everyday lives.

Finally, our last unit will be Sound and Hearing. Students will focus on the parts of the ear and hearing protection. Priscilla, from UFA, visits our classroom each year to educate the students about hearing safety. Students construct a musical instrument and learn about sound waves, pitch and frequency.

It should be an exciting year of learning in 3M Science!

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