Social Studies

Grade 3 World Geography

Social Studies Assessment: September 2018

Grade 3 Social Studies allows students to explore the community they live in as well as look at the diverse nature of communities around the world. Students will build global awareness! Student assessment within the classroom must reflect the diverse nature of the curriculum. Students will be assessed on their knowledge of local and current affairs, geographic, social, linguistic and cultural factors affecting the quality of life in the world communities studied.  Tests, inquiry-based research projects, collaborative class discussion, art projects and digital literacy are just some of the assessment methods.

3M will begin the year with a Unit on World Geography (specifically Canada). In this unit we will become familiar with our 7 continents, our country of Canada (provinces and capital cities) and finish with mapping and geography skills. Students will learn these terms: continent, country, province, capital city, equator, prime meridian, compass rose, cardinal directions, intermediate directions, legend, key, relative location, and hemispheres.

Students will develop an appreciation for "where in the world" they reside. This knowledge is essential before we branch out to study each of these four countries: Tunisia, Peru, Ukraine, and India. Students will vote democratically to determine which country they prefer to study. Each country will present what they have learned to their peers at the end of the school year.

3M students will complete a service project as part of our Global Citizenship curriculum requirements. Please see the AIWC viewlet for more information.


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