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This year in Health the Grade Four students will be looking at Personal Health, Relationship Choices, and Positive Community Involvement. Below are the three General Outcomes for the Grade Four curriculum: • Personal Health: Making responsible and informed choices that maintain health and to promote safety for self and others. • Relationship Choices: Students will develop affective interpersonal skills that demonstrate responsibility, respect, and caring in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions. • Life Learning Choices: Students will manage and explore life roles, career opportunities, volunteerism, and philanthropy. Besides daily spontaneous conversations and reflections, the following opportunities are promoted at A.E. Bowers: • GatorAde (volunteer) • AMA School Safety Patrols (volunteer) • Fun Friends For Life (School Wide) • Fill Your Bucket Program (School Wide) • Virtue Assemblies (School Wide) • Grade Buddies (Grade Specific) Assessment is based on effort and participation. ➢ Below is a list of websites that support the Grade 4 Health curriculum.
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