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In Grade Four Social Studies our primary focus is on the History of Alberta. • Alberta: A Sense of the Land: A study of the unique physical geography of Alberta and how this impacts those that live here. • The Stories, Histories and Peoples of Alberta: Looking at the development of Alberta's Identity through the use of stories, history, and culture. • Celebrations and Challenges: Students will appreciate how Alberta has grown and changed since its beginning in 1905. Assessment: Students will be assessed through a variety of formative and summative tasks and assignments linked to the development of a 21st Century Learner. This involves critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and the implementation of technology and the use of primary and secondary sources. Learning Celebrations: • ARTember Arts in the Park Community Celebrations • Blackfoot Museokit Artifact Investigation • Blackfoot History Extravaganza • Pioneer Hootenanny • Dinosaur Excavation at the Tyrrell Museum • Bar U Ranch Hoedown ➢ Below is a list of websites that support the Grade 4 Social Studies Curriculum.
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