Message from Administration Team

September, 2017

In support of Rocky View Schools’ vision to ensure our students are literate and numerate and are building 21st C competencies, this year, our school will continue to nurture a culture of reflection, learning and leading within which students thrive!


In 2017/2018, we are moving ahead in our ‘Deep Dive’ into learning!


Ready . . .

We have been pleased with the way our new dual-track school has come together as a supportive school community – ‘one school community’. We are very proud to hear that students see themselves as part of A.E. Bowers Elementary School and are making connections with others on the playground and throughout the school. Initiatives such as the morning Running Club have enabled students to start their day alongside friends, and signing up for a Lunch Club helps students connect with other children. We will continue to work to ensure that every child is able to experience a sense of belonging at school and can focus on learning . . . learning with and from friends.


Set. . .

We have been delighted with the way our staff have come together to support student learning. Student learning is enhanced by professional conversation aimed at optimizing the experiences in the classroom. We are seeing this in our Literacy focus and also in programming for students who need specialized programming to achieve their potential. The shared expertise of our staff is proving to be outstanding in support of student learning! We will continue to tap into our resources as we focus on the connection between home and school to support student learning in the coming year.



We are excited to move forward in the further development of instructional design supportive of the development of students as learners and leaders. Our continued focus is on enabling students to consider the importance of what they are learning – and to be empowered to take action for real-world connections and impact.


In our thriving new school community, every voice matters. Through the recently implemented Leader in Me program, the voices of our students are highlighted. We see students engaged and empowered as they demonstrate their ability to think critically and creatively . . . and to make a difference through leadership. We have been so pleased that the historical commitment of A.E. Bowers Elementary School to serve the needs of all the children in the school community continues.

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