Welcome to 4F!

Welcome to Grade 4!

My name is Ms. Kelly Friesen.

I have been teaching with Rocky View Schools since 2004. This is my sixth year teaching at A.E. Bowers, my fifth teaching Grade 4.

Grade 4 is the best year -- it is the sweet cherry on the cupcake of Elementary School.

Prior to coming to A.E. Bowers, I taught at Muriel Clayton Middle School and The Calgary Zoo. I hold two Bachelor Degrees, one in Science and one in Education. In addition, I completed my Masters Degree in Education in 2012.

As a Science Specialist, I try my best to engage your children in hands-on, authentic learning experiences that connect students to their natural world. As someone passionate about STEAM Education (making connections between Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), I also try to expose students to activities that require critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving.

I get students as involved in as many different projects as I can to enrich their learning experience. In the past few years, my classroom received grants and environmental awards from the City of Airdrie, The Canadian Wildlife Federation, and The Emerald Foundation. These opportunities allowed us to purchase hydroponic setups, perrennials for our courtyard, a plant wall, a vermicomposting set up for our classroom, and participate in the Calgary Zoo's Conservation Champions program.

As someone who loves to read, I try to expose students to as many different authors and genres as I can. My classroom is full of books and I am always looking for more. We've also worked with author Sigmund Brouwer over the past few years with his Story Ninja writing program. Students love writing after his lessons - it is an amazing program and I am excited to share it with even more students!

I look forward to a wonderful year and I am pleased to be learning alongside your children. Please feel free to contact me at kfriesen or call the school at 403-948-4511.

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