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My name is Nancy Turner and I am the New CDA for A.E. Bowers. I am very excited to become part of this wonderful community. I have been working with students and their families within Rockyview for several years and I want to introduce myself. I am here to support your children while they are at school. If you feel your child is having a hard time transitioning back to school please come and we can talk about ways we can support you and your child. September at school is fun but can be stressful for some.


The Role of the Child Development Advisor

As the CDA I offer a planned and balanced approach to helping students feel successful at school. Planned activities focus on developing social and emotional skills with the goal of enhancing both social interactions, adaptable thinking skills, stress management and problem solving skills. As the CDA I work with the entire staff, students and parents. I can also help families link to outside agencies as needed to support their child. The CDA role is designed to provide proactive programs as well as interventions with issues that may need support. As a CDA I may work with students individually, in groups, in class presentations and with whole school initiatives.



The Child Development Advisor promotes and advocates for the development of the whole child.



The Child Development Advisor is a collaborative resource to children, parents and staff and the community to support and enhance the healthy development of social/ emotional, behavioral and mental health competencies. The CDA works alongside students, staff, parents and outside agencies.


Services and Topics:

The CDA position has an emphasis on the social / emotional wellness of students from Kindergarten to grade 5 and offers a variety of small group sessions, in-class sessions/ workshops, individual student support and support for parents.


Areas of Support:

  • Social skills/ friendship skills
  • Social emotional learning
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Increasing self esteem
  • Coping with family changes/ divorce, loss or grief


I look forward to a wonderful year in A.E Bowers. Please feel free to call or e-mail me to to connect if you are concerned about your child or are in need of support. Your child’s teacher is your first contact for academic and classroom concerns but I am here to support your child in any of the above areas or as needed to help them have a successful year. My office is located in the main office. You can contact me by calling the school or by e-mail


Thank you

Mrs. Turner

Contact Me

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 403-948-4511 or

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