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Determining the Appropriate Book Level


"Just Right books" are books that are the right fit. 

 Successful book choices are just right books that challenge them


Previous to being assigned an AR Book Level (BL), your child has participated in the first Diagnostic AR Test and the STAR Reading Test. This is one of the many Diagnostic, and STAR assessments that they will participate in this year.  Their performance results are compiled in a report detailing their averages, strengths, and areas needing further support and instruction.


This is only one of many tools used for assessing your childs ability level, reading and phonetic understanding. The test results represent 1 test, on 1 day, according only to the "Accelerated Reading Program".

Testing results may be influenced by:

  • Student health & wellness -temperment, patience, energy level.
  • Familiarity and fluency with technology
  • Time of the day.
  • the reality that not every day is an optimal testing day for every individual.



AR ...One of Many

The AR Diagnostic Test, and the STAR test are the beginning of many other Diagnostic and evaluative reading tools that are used throughout the year.  Your child participates in all of these to build a better scope of understanding of his/her strength, capabilities, and instructional needs.


Research strongly supports the fact that the more a child reads, the greater is his/her ability to learn in all academic areas.  With a little help your child will make giant strides in reading, no matter what their current level.

AR Progress Rubric









Minimal Progress





Participation in the

Accelerated Reading Program

  • Less that 5 AR Points
  • AR Quiz Scores under 70%
  • At least 5 AR Points
  • AR Quiz Scores under 80%
  • At least 10 AR Points
  • AR Quiz Scores above 80%
  • Mostly "Just Right" Books
  • At least 15 AR Points
  • AR Quiz Scores above 90%
  • Mostly "Just Right" and Challenging Books
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