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Many of the books you have at home, or check out of the public library, will be AR accepted books.

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If you would like to  check out a book at any time to determine if it is an AR book and what it’s level and points are, visit this website


What is it ?


  • Accelerated Reader is a reading incentive program that targets comprehension.
  • It is like an electronic book report.
  • It is an enrichment tool that helps motivate students to read.

Why do it ?


  • To become better readers and develop a love of reading.
  • Encourage/motivate students to read more.

How To Do It ?


  1. Select a Book Levelled (BL level) in your "Just Right" reading range.
  2. Take an AR Quiz on-line at home or at school. Quizzes are specific to each book title.
  3. Passing AR Quizzes

Note: The students progress and success rate is monitored continuously, in order to determine appropriate BL Book Level ranges.


What is the Parents Role ?

  1. Encourage your child to read 20 – 30 minutes per day.
  2. Reading to your child also counts as reading.
  3. Make books available to your child.
  4. AR Book Finder- Perform AR book searches for your childs (BL)book levels and Quiz points
  5. Computer availabily for your child to participate in on-line AR quizzes.
  6. Celebrate Reading effort and success at home.

The Skill of the craft is ...teaching Children not Programs. --Kirby Fisk


This Accelerated Reader on-line Resource is only one isolated part of our comprehensive reading program.

This won’t take the place of :

  • or be the only method of assessment of your childs reading progress and ability.
  • Whole class read alouds and novels.
  • Retelling Concepts & Strategies.
  • Additional comprehension resources.
  • L.i.P.s (Linda Mood Phonemeic sequencing Program)-Phonics and mouth shape and sounds
  • Many thanks for your continued support and assistance of this, and all school programs.

    Mrs. K. Fisk :0)

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