Welcome to Our Learning Commons!

Our Learning Commons

A.E. Bowers Elementary School Learning Commons is the central hub of our school.  It serves our English and French Immersion program student population, as well as teacher, staff, and parent needs.  A.E. Bowers Learning Commons has been developed to engage and encourage learners to enrich their learning in creative and unique ways.

Our Learning Commons will provide access for our students to learn in a variety of ways, using a variety of technologies.  We encourage students and staff to use our Learning Commons to its fullest potential.

21c Learner


Did You Know?...

The Spine label tells two pieces of information.

F or FIC means Fiction or Chapter book

E means Easy or Picture Book

LR means Leveled Reader

GRA means Graphic Novel

355 or other numbers means Non-Fiction.

Every subject has it’s own number!
For example, dinosaurs are 567 and hockey is 796.
This is how we keep "like" books together on the shelves!

The 3 letters underneath, is the start of the author’s last name!

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