Message from Administration Team

September, 2018

We are extremely proud to be working with the school community at AE Bowers! We have been working hard, alongside all Rocky View Schools, to create learning environments within which students ‘Live, Learn, and Grow’. We appreciate this opportunity to take a moment and reflect on where we are…on how far we have come.

We are literally astounded by how far we have come….

The Literacy Framework has focused our work with students learning to read in elementary school. Foundational skill development begins with a love of literature that blossoms in our early years classrooms. As students take on the challenge of becoming a reader, teachers work with individuals and small groups to guide them through those critical next steps that will support them as they shift from ‘Learning to Read’ to ‘Reading to Learn’. It’s personalized learning.

Teacher assessment of student learning is critical in Literacy and Numeracy. Why?

Partnerships - Home and School working together - are a powerful way forward in support of student learning.

We have really appreciated the engagement of our school community as we launched the Parent Portal this year. It’s been hard work for everyone – but is ultimately the right thing for our students. We are looking forward to refining and polishing that work as we optimize student learning through our collaboration. Together, we are learning the potential of the Parent Portal to provide a communication tool for teachers and parents. With our shared desire to support student learning, timely access to teacher observations and recommendations for parents is the ‘key’ to student success.

Student success is not narrowly defined at A.E. Bowers Elementary School. This is big work! While much of the rest of the world is beginning to understand the importance of nurturing the development of ‘Competencies’ in students, we are reaching a place of understanding how deeply students can learn and grow through focus on ‘Competencies’. We are looking forward to the alignment of Competency work across the province of Alberta – in all jurisdictions, for all students. We are looking forward to participating in that on-going work.

It is no longer enough to aim to prepare our students to take on a particular career – or to get a job with a particular employer. We are preparing our students to live in a world changing so quickly, we cannot predict what it will look like with any degree of certainty… We are preparing our students for whatever challenge they come to – whichever structure they need to build, whichever mountain they need to climb, whichever ocean they need to swim… We are proud of the work we are doing together with our school community, and we are proud of our community’s children, the outstanding young people they are now – and the incredible people they will undoubtedly become!

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