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Mrs. Friesen
Mme Page
Literacy and language are important as they are the foundation upon which people are able to interact with the world, educate themselves, and thus contribute ...
Mrs. Hatto
Mme Driver
Mrs. Gagne
Mrs. McMurray
I have been teaching at A E Bowers for several years. I like to instigate pranks and practical jokes. I have four children, live on a farm and really enjoy ...
Mrs. Derko
Mme Doyle
Mme Stevenson
Mrs. Frankemolle
Mme Rodriguez
Mme Marquis
Mme McCaffrey
Bonjour! Welcome to grade 2! My name is Laura McCaffrey, and I am so looking forward to working with you throughout this school year. While there may be a ...
Mrs. Bodyk
Hello Parents! Welcome to Grade 4! I am very excited to be teaching your child this year, and look forward to getting to know each and every one of them. I ...
Mme Retzlaff
Mme Cardinal
Mrs. Roberts
Mme Hodges
Hello and welcome to 1H! I am so excited to be teaching grade one and look forward to a year filled with love, laughter and learning. Our class mission is: we ...
Mme Van Biezen
Bienvenue à la cinquième année! Fifth grade is an exciting time as your child embarks upon new adventures in the world of learning. This is a year of ...
Mme Gillingham
File Philosophy of Education
A brief description of what I am most passionate about in education.
Mme Chisholm
Bonjour! Welcome to 3C, I am so excited to be your classroom teacher this year. My name is Mary Beth Chisholm I am originally from Nova Scotia and have been ...
Ms. Leard
Hello! Welcome to Grade 1! My name is Layla Leard. I am so excited for what is sure to be a wonderful year of discovery and growth. I am so looking forward ...
Mr. Russell
Dear Parent/Guardian: Welcome to a new school year! I am really looking forward to working with you and your child this year. I am currently entering my ...
Mme Roberts
Bienvenue/Welcome to Grade 2 French Immersion! My name is Caitlin Roberts and I look forward to teaching and working with you this year. We will learn and ...
Mr. Rennebohm